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Polish TAURON strengthens energy security of KGHM’s Copper Belt

The Polish electric power distributor, TAURON, is constructing a new 100 kilovolts high-voltage line in the southwestern city of Głogów, which will connect two high-voltage stations, the distributor announced on Wednesday (17 January).

As stated in a press release by TAURON, this investment will strengthen the energy security of the city including the facilities of the region’s biggest power consumer, KGHM, the largest copper producer in Poland. The new high-voltage line will also enable connecting new generation capacity from renewable energy sources (RES). The construction is planned for completion by the end of this month.

The construction is being carried out by TAURON Dystrybucja, the business segment responsible for power distribution in the TAURON Group.

“Głogów is supplied by three 110/20 kV substations. TAURON connects two of them with an underground high-voltage line to strengthen the energy security of consumers, the certainty and the possibility of free power supply to the city and the facilities of a key customer in this area. Głogów is one of the oldest cities in Poland and an important transport hub, which is why the construction of the underground line was a big technological challenge,” said Ewa Groń, the spokesperson for TAURON Dystrybucja.

The construction of a new high-voltage line will improve the transmission capacity of the network and will increase the possibility of connecting new customers, and is expected to contribute to the economic development of the region.

“The investment was planned in the “design and build” system, so one entity implemented all its stages. Finally, an underground cable connection with a length of 2.7 km was created, connecting two high-voltage stations, and the construction of two 110 kV fields in both stations was completed. The fields were built with different technologies, which is a new solution for us. We are blazing trails in this area and if it is necessary to expand or redevelop other facilities, this solution will be able to be reused,” Ms Groń added.

The cable line is not exposed to any threats posed by the atmosphere (for example, icing, windstorms, heavy snowfall) which will reduce the number of failures, according to the press release. In addition, the technology and the agreed route of the cable line do not interfere with the current and future land development. The new connection also means greater switching possibilities, which will make it easier for power engineers from TAURON to perform maintenance works on the power grid.

“Due to difficult terrain conditions, over 1,240 metres of the cable and fibre optic line routes were made using the directional drilling method. The most difficult section is 140 m under the John Paul II Square at the Museum of Archeology and History in Głogów. At this point, during the directional drilling, the machine came across post-war scrap and debris, which caused the contractor to lose the probe. We had to start the drilling from scratch,” said Vladyslav Chaika, Construction Manager at PBE Elbud Warszawa.

“Despite the fact that the works were carried out underground, not a single tree was cut during the entire investment in Głogów. The drilling for the introduction of the power line underground was done at appropriate distances from the tree roots so as not to expose them to damage. This is an additional aspect of our work for the residents of Głogów, also in terms of respect and care for green, friendly public space,” Ms Groń highlighted.

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