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Poland’s Tauron RES helped reduce 600,000 tones of carbon in 2022

Companies and institutions that used renewable energy sources (RES) from the Polish power company, Tauron reduced their carbon dioxide emissions by nearly 600,000 tons in 2022, the company announced on Wednesday (10 May). 

The total value of carbon emissions avoided thanks to the company’s energy solutions for business exceeded as much as 1.2 million tonnes in the same year, Tauron added.

“We are increasing generation capacity in renewable energy sources and supporting the reduction of the carbon footprint in the activities of our clients. We are aware that this will be of key importance, especially for companies exporting products to EU markets. Emissions related to the energy used for the operations of a given company are included in the measurement of the carbon footprint of enterprises,” said Paweł Szczeszek, President of the Tauron Group.

“We already have 11 wind farms in which electricity is generated by 200 wind turbines with a total capacity of 416 MW [megawatts]. As part of the implementation of the new strategy, with a sharp increase in RES capacity we want to have 1,600 MW installed in wind, photovoltaic and hydropower plants already in 2025,” Mr Szczeszek added.

The carbon footprint is measured in three areas. The first area takes into account emissions generated by a given company, the second takes into account emissions related to the company’s electricity consumption, and the third area takes into account emissions generated by all suppliers.

Tauron’s green business offers include an “EKO Premium” packages with 100 per cent of the energy coming from the company’s renewable sources including hydro, wind and solar power.

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