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Poland: work is underway at construction of new power plant

Work is currently underway at the construction site of the power plant in Grudziądz, located in northern Poland and developed by Energa. The ongoing work related to the preparation of the site is set to be completed by the end of October 2022. In addition, work related to the reconstruction of 110 kilovolts (kV) overhead lines is also being carried out.

The power plant will have a net capacity of approximately 560 megawatts (MW) and it is scheduled for commissioning in 2025. Once completed, it will be among the most modern power plants in Europe.

The ongoing work involves levelling the land (lowering and preparing for the construction of the block). For this to happen, geotechnical tests were carried out to exclude any risk related to the presence of explosives.

Due to the need to maintain the availability of the National Power System, also the reconstruction of the overhead lines is considered very demanding.

“A major challenge at this stage of construction is the need to agree on line shutdowns,” said Dariusz Rakowski, Project Manager at CCGT Grudziądz, Energa’s subsidiary of the ORLEN Group. “We started the works in the summer period, the demand for electricity is very high and such shutdowns are not always possible. Nevertheless, everything is going according to plan.”

The power plant in Grudziądz will be connected to external electricity and gas networks in its immediate vicinity, which means that, in connection with the implementation of the project, there will not be a need to build additional transmission installations. The transmission pipeline belonging to GAZ-SYSTEM, on which the reduction station will be built, is approximately one kilometre away from the power plant, while the distance to the Grudziądz – Węgrowo power station, to which the electricity produced in the power plant will be delivered, is approximately 300 metres.

Works related to the construction of the water supply connection and sanitary sewage system, as well as the necessary work to harden the area of ​​the construction site, have already been completed. Whilst the construction of a social and living complex for the needs of construction workers is in progress.

A future leader among modern European power plants

The planned gas and steam unit of the power plant will be characterised by high efficiency, exceeding 60 per cent in nominal conditions, availability and flexibility of work. This is an important element in the expansion of the energy segment, in line with the ORLEN2030 strategy, based on stable low-emission sources.

The gas and steam block in Grudziądz will play an important role in ensuring Poland’s energy security. In December 2021, a 17-year contract was concluded with the Transmission System Operator on the capacity market, with the first year of delivery falling in 2026. The power plant is contracted for a total of 518 MW of capacity and is expected to generate revenues of at least 3.52 billion złoty (740 million euros) once operational.

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