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Modernisation of Ukrainian power grid by French EDF set to start

The development of modern electricity distribution networks in the Zaporizhzhia region by French power company EDF International Networks is set to start, following a meeting at Ukraine’s Ministry of Energy on the implementation of the project (9 July).

Chaired by Energy Minister German Galushchenko, the meeting brought together senior executives representing EDF International Networks, Ukrainian power company JSC Zaporizhjiaoblenergo, Ukraine’s State Inspection of Energy Supervision and other heads of the relevant divisions of the Ministry of Energy. 

During the meeting, both sides discussed administrative, financial and technical aspects related to the implementation of the pilot project.

In June, Minister Galushchenko signed a Memorandum of Cooperation with EDF International Networks announcing plans for the project in Paris.

“Distribution systems are one of the types of energy infrastructure objects that suffered the greatest damage as a result of Russian attacks. The country’s economic reconstruction places high demands on future networks as well. They must be stable, flexible, efficient and reliable, integrated in accordance with the needs of the development of new economic and generation facilities, in particular RES, and fully satisfy the demand for electricity distribution. Cooperation with our French partners will help to implement relevant tasks and bring the standards of distribution services closer to the best indicators of international practices,” said Ukraine’s Deputy Energy Minister, Yaroslav Demchenkov.

Should the implementation of the pilot project in the Zaporizhzhia region be successful, the French company is expected to continue the restoration of distribution networks in other regions of the country, Ukraine’s Energy Ministry said via a press release.

“Implementation of the ‘Road Map of Intelligent Networks for Ukraine’ in the Zaporizhzhia region is a great challenge and a great opportunity. This can become a showcase for rebuilding accessible networks of the future with high-quality customer services and operations. It is important to ensure the physical development of networks and optimise operational costs while increasing the efficiency of networks and minimising electricity losses,” Deputy Minister Demchenkov emphasised.

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