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Lithuania’s ESO to invest 1.9 billion in electricity and gas network improvement

Lithuanian electricity and gas distribution company, Energijos Skirstymo Operatorius (ESO) is planning to invest 1.919 billion euros in the improvement of network reliability, resilience and digitalisation over the period of 2021–2030.

According to ESO’s 10-year investment plan, the “programme is aimed at ensuring uninterrupted and high-quality energy distribution via environmentally safe electricity and natural gas network”.

The network reliability component involves the replacement of overhead power lines with underground cables, especially those with interruptions and hazardous power lines, as well as the reconstruction of old gas pipelines and the replacement of unreliable elements of electricity and gas networks.

The second direction of the programme includes the facilitation of the electricity market transformation and the improvement of customer engagement in choosing energy suppliers with a major focus on the integration of renewables into the network.

“It is particularly important that the change is sustainable and ensures that the set targets on energy efficiency are met. […] The main tool for the implementation of this programme is the installation of smart meters. This technological solution in ESO network will ensure the accuracy and timeliness of data and enable the market and consumers to create higher quality services”, suggests the plan.

The smart meter implementation is expected to promote the competition between market participants and offer more varied, better services to customers for the improvement of their experience.

The planned investments will be financed from the electricity and gas distribution tariff grants, the European Union and borrowed funds.

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