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Lithuania is for Poland an important partner in strengthening regional energy security

Lithuania is for Poland an important partner in strengthening regional energy security, said the Minister of Climate and Environment, Michał Kurtyka during an online meeting with the Lithuanian Minister of Energy Dainius Kreivys.

“Our close relations on energy security are reflected in the Memorandum on enhanced strategic energy cooperation, signed by our countries’ Ministers of Energy during previous intergovernmental consultations in March 2018,” Minister Kurtyka said. “Actions to strengthen regional security of electricity and natural gas supply is particularly important in our relations.”

In this regard, he reiterated Poland’s support for the synchronisation of the Baltic States with the European Network of Transmission System operators for electricity through the LitPol Link and the Harmony Link DC cable.

Moreover, measures for the development of offshore wind energy were discussed. As Minister Michał Kurtyka emphasised, Poland focuses on the development of national offshore wind projects and the challenges that their integration poses to the national energy system and the electricity network.

“Offshore wind energy is a priority and one of the pillars of the energy transformation in Poland,” he pointed out. “We strive to ensure the most favourable conditions to support this goal. We want offshore wind farm projects in Poland to use proven but at the same time advanced technology. We are pleased that Lithuania has joined the Baltic Declaration in September 2020 to strengthen regional cooperation in offshore wind projects. Lithuania has a similar starting point and development conditions for offshore wind farms, including depth, distance from shore, wind speed.”

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