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Litgrid continues working for the synchronisation with Continental Europe while developing RES

At the beginning of this year, the Lithuanian electricity transmission system operator Litgrid consistently continued strategic projects for the synchronisation with Continental Europe, introduced new rules for the development of renewable energy sources, ensured reliable electricity supply to Lithuanian consumers, provided support to the Ukrainian electricity system, including sending one of the most important transmission network devices, a 330 kilovolts (kV) autotransformer.

“At the beginning of the year, we successfully completed a number of tasks contributing to Lithuania’s energy independence,” said Rokas Masiulis, CEO of Litgrid. “We continued the projects of synchronisation with Continental Europe: we signed contracts for the reconstruction of the substation in Šiauliai and the expansion of the switchboard of the substation in Bitėnai, we started the construction of a synchronous compensator in Telšiai, we announced the procurement for the installation of a frequency stability assessment system for the three Baltic countries, we prepared the project for the reconstruction of the Kruonis PSHP substation, we reached the finish line in the first stage of the construction of transmission lines in Western Lithuania – we installed new supports in 80 kilometres sections. In the first quarter, we intensively prepared for the isolated operation test of the electrical system, which we successfully performed in April, when we operated for the first time in the so-called island mode and managed the frequency of the country’s electrical system by ourselves.”

In March, after more than half a year of intensive cooperation with market participants, the National Energy Regulatory Council (VERT) approved the new legal basis for the use of electricity transmission networks prepared by Litgrid, which creates conditions for the transformation of the energy sector by renewable expansion. Litgrid has introduced to the market a new interactive map of the 110 kV and 330 kV transmission grids, which provides information on available and reserved capacities. After the new regulation came into force, 61 requests to connect solar, wind power and storage facilities were received within a few days, with a total permitted generation capacity of 7,500 megawatts (MW).

“Market activity shows that we are taking big steps in the right direction. A particularly important signal is that the developers plan to install almost 800 MW of electricity storage facilities, which are given priority in the new regulation. Storage facilities are particularly important for balancing the system, as the majority of electricity generation will come from renewable energy sources in a few years. Of course, the submitted requests are not final decisions, but at the same time, this is not the limit,” pointed out Mr Masiulis.

In the first quarter, Litgrid also focused on innovation. The company has signed a contract to implement virtual dynamic line rating technology, a system that measures and predicts the temperature of overhead lines, which is expected to allow more electricity to be transmitted over the same lines. Litgrid also created easier conditions for independent demand aggregators connecting electricity consumers to start operations and the first company performing such activity in Lithuania began to provide its services.

Finally, in January, Litgrid sent a 330/110/10 kV autotransformer to Ukraine, which will help ensure electricity supply as Russia is targeting Ukraine’s energy infrastructure. Another such autotransformer is planned to be sent, and support is also provided with other means.

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