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Latvia’s TSO to invest over 500 mln euros for the electricity system’s development

Latvian transmission system operator Augstsprieguma tikls (AST) plans to invest 509.8 million euros in development by 2033, of which 135.8 million euros will be co-financed by European Union funds.

“Fundamental changes are being made in the transmission network infrastructure and management technologies, by 2025 the Latvian transmission system will be fully prepared for the start of synchronous work with continental Europe. Disconnecting the Latvian electricity supply system from the network controlled by Russia and Belarus is a base condition for ensuring Latvia’s energy independence,” said Arnis Daugulis, a Member of the AST Board. “Gradual modernisation of the transmission network is also planned, by installing new anti-emergency automation equipment, improving the commercial accounting of electricity for international connections and the dispatch management system.”

In order to complete the extensive infrastructure and information and communication technology projects of the Synchronisation Project, it is planned to invest 188.8 million euros, according to the Latvian transmission system development plan for 2024-2033 submitted to the Public Utilities Commission for approval.

Until 2033, it is planned to invest 21 to 30 million euros annually in the reconstruction of 330 kilovolts (kV) and 110 kV substations, lines and distribution points, thus ensuring the stable operation of the transmission system, the continuous supply of electricity to the users connected to it in the required amount. In each project, AST evaluates the actual wear and tear of infrastructure objects, verifies the planned load of thpower-transmission-system-development-plane objects and plans the development of the network in such a way as to prevent the transmission equipment from reaching its critical age in the long term.

The Latvian transmission system development plan also examines the dynamics of renewable energy power plant connections to the electricity transmission network, as well as prospective offshore development projects in the Baltic Sea region, including potential interconnections between Latvia – Sweden and Baltics – Germany, which in the future could provide opportunities for the export of electricity produced in Latvia.

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