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Integration of EU-Ukraine energy markets ‘next stage’ after synchronisation, Commissioner Simson says

EU Energy Commissioner Kadri Simson said on Tuesday (7 November) that the integration of Ukrainian and EU power markets is the “next stage” in both sides’ energy relations, following the Ukrainian power system’s synchronisation with Continental Europe under the emergency measures in March 2022.

“Synchronisation with the continental energy system before the war helped maintain the stability of the Ukrainian system in the face of Russian attacks. In the future, building up the appropriate stability capabilities will mean the ability to bring more and more renewable energy into the system. And the next stage after the synchronisation of the networks will be the integration of the markets,” said Commissioner Simson at a conference on Tuesday.

At the conference, Ms Simson expressed hope that Ukraine would continue the course of bringing national legislation into line with European legislation.

Separately, on Friday (3 November), the European Union Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER) released a report in which it found that wile progress in joint border capacity allocation has been made, it is yet to be implemented.

The EU report underscored that market integration is essential to reinforce the electricity wholesale markets’ resilience. Analysing the wholesale power market integration in 2022, the report underlined that interconnected electricity markets provided increased resilience against the energy crisis and ensured security of supply.

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