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Hungary’s transmission operator guarantees electricity supply amid coronavirus

Hungary’s Transmission Operator Company Mavir, is implementing specific security measures to guarantee the country’s undisrupted electricity supply in the midst of the Coronavirus’ outbreak.

In the announcement, Mavir noted that while a pandemic action plan has been adopted, the company will contribute to ensuring the continuity of its business operation and the safety of its employees.

“Our priority objective is to protect the health and safety of our workers,” read the announcement.

As the provider of an essential public service, the company has great strategical importance to the functioning of the Hungarian economy and it is responsible for the reliable and secure operation of the country’s electricity system. Mavir controls and operates the critical infrastructure of the high-voltage electric power transmission network and synchronizes the operation of the Hungarian Power System with the neighbouring systems.

The company set up a Pandemic Commission to monitor the local and global developments of the virus and to adopt and implement special security measures if necessary. As other transmission operators, Mavir has back-up sites. In a worst-case scenario, these sites can replace the primary operational control centres that are currently operating safely and smoothly.

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