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Hungary-Slovenia interconnection is in operation

Slovenia’s Transmission System Operator (TSO) ELES and the Hungarian one MAVIR announced that the planned physical connection between the Hungarian and the Slovenian electricity systems was established.

Preliminary tests and measurements of the newly built international connection were successfully carried out, which will provide a more stable and reliable operation of the electricity system at the 400 kilovolts (kV) voltage level and contribute to an even stronger connection of the mentioned markets to common EU internal electricity market. 

Negotiations had already been launched concerning constructing a Hungarian-Croatian-Slovenian 400 kV transmission grid connection in the mid-1990s, the last phase of which was constructing the Cirkovce-Pince transmission line. Slovenia is the last neighbouring country with which Hungary has not had a transmission line connection. On the Hungarian side, a double-circuit tie-line between Hévíz and the Slovenian-Croatian-Hungarian triple border was completed before the turn of the millennium via the investment of MVM – the Hungarian Electricity Company – then owner of the transmission grid. As part of this, a 5-kilometre branch of the future Slovenian transmission line, in the direction of Slovenia, was built on the Hungarian side, creating an opportunity for later connection. The Slovenian system has now been connected to this branch.

“The new interconnection will not only have a trade effect, but it will also strengthen the security of supply, noted thePresident of the Hungarian Energy and Public Utility Regulatory Authority (MEKH), Péter János Horváth. “The transmission system operators of the neighbouring countries with coupled networks cooperate also by concluding international agreements to prevent the negative effects of power deficit and to manage network congestions. Our objective is to conclude, as soon as possible, such an agreement between the Hungarian and the Slovenian system operators as well.”

As of 30 June 2022, the transmission line is operating as testing and trial-run are underway. From the market perspective, the interconnection will be included in the cross-border capacity calculation process starting from 6 July 2022.

Photos: ELES.

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