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GEN-I to be the first in Slovenia to offer customers electricity exclusively without CO2

Electricity and gas trading company GEN-I will be the first company in Slovenia to begin supplying customers with electricity exclusively produced from environmentally friendly and carbon-free sources, starting in January.

Considering the climate crisis as mankind’s greatest challenge, GEN-I is aware of its responsibility in the transition to a green future, committed to a carbon-free future without fossil-based energy sources.  

According to the company, there will be more than 3,150 million kilowatts-hour (kWh) of such electricity in 2021. Delivering this electricity to all customers, it will reduce their carbon footprint by 1.65 million tons of CO2 annually relative to 2019. Overall, GEN-I aims to reduce the carbon footprint of the average Slovenian household by around 40 per cent.  

“GEN-I accepts its share of responsibility for the green transformation of the energy sector,” commented the President of the Management Board, Robert Golob. “Several years ago, we were the first to offer the self-sufficient supply of electricity with solar power plants. Now, we are going one step further. We are empowering all of our customers to do something extraordinary for our planet. By choosing their own energy source.”

Believing that the energy of the sun is the cleanest choice for the future, GEN-I will be among the first to supply customers with electricity produced entirely from solar energy.

“As the largest supplier in the Slovenian energy sector, we must serve as an example to others,” continued Mr Golob. “If GEN-I can do it, so can all of Slovenia. We don’t need to wait until 2050 for a CO2-free society. We can achieve it sooner.”

Through its actions, GEN-I is strengthening its position from year to year as the most trustworthy brand and best choice among electricity suppliers. The company reduced electricity prices for all of its household customers in the spring, making it possible for the first time for all customers to choose the carbon-free energy source that suits them best. 

They can choose between solar energy and nuclear energy and soon hydro energy. GEN-I believes that nuclear energy and renewable sources are natural allies in the transition to a carbon-free society.

The GEN-I Group is already the leading promoter of the green transformation in Slovenia. To date in Slovenia, it has set up more than 2,000 solar plants for independent self-sufficient supply, the first self-sufficient supply solar power plant on an apartment building in Jesenice and the first self-sufficient RES community in Budanje pri Ajdovščini.

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