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European Commission, Baltic States and Poland commit to accelerated Baltic grid synchronisation with Continental Europe

The European Commission announced on Tuesday (19 December) that it has signed a Political Declaration confirming its commitment to proceed at “full speed” to connect the electricity networks of the three Baltic countries (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania) with continental Europe via Poland by February 2025.

The declaration was jointly signed with government representatives of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland. The new connection date is almost a year earlier than the previous deadline of late 2025.

The three Baltic countries are the last remaining EU countries with electricity networks that are still synchronised with Russia and Belarus. Over the past 12 years, the region has received significant political, technical, and financial EU support exceeding 1.2 billion euros worth of grants.

“We are approaching the historic moment of full integration of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania into our internal electricity market, to be achieved with the synchronisation of Baltic and Continental European power grids by February 2025. The war in Ukraine, Russia’s shameless manipulation of EU energy markets and the subsequent energy crisis have underlined the importance of energy independence, said Kadri Simson, Commissioner for Energy. “This synchronisation project will enable the three Baltic States to gain full control of their electricity networks, and reinforce energy security in the region.”

Under the political declaration, the EU Member States concerned also committed to speeding up the development of the “Harmony Link Interconnector,” a significant energy infrastructure project between Lithuania and Poland.

“Today’s joint political declaration with the Baltic States and Poland will guarantee the delivery of the final stages of the project. Most notably, we have endorsed an alternative onshore design of the Harmony Link interconnector, adding security and resilience to the grid, while avoiding cost over-runs and delays in buildout. Today’s declaration confirms our solidarity at a time when war continues to rage on Europe’s borders,” said Commissioner Simson.

In June 2018, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and the European Commission signed political roadmaps on the synchronisation of the Baltic electricity networks with the Central European Network via Poland. These have “facilitated significant progress” with the synchronisation in recent years, the EU’s executive body said in a press release.

Baltic Sea TSOs to assist Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia synchronise with continental European network

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