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Estonian TSO: faster synchronisation is possible

The prime ministers of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania agreed to faster synchronisation of the Baltic states’ power grids with the Continental European grid and its frequency. From the perspective of Estonia’s TSO Elering, faster synchronisation is possible, but it requires taking into account the results of ongoing comprehensive risk analyses.

According to Taavi Veskimägi, the CEO of Elering, Estonia has managed to keep up with the necessary investments in the synchronisation project despite a very challenging situation in the construction industry.

“However, in accordance with the decision made by the heads of state to bring synchronisation forward from the previously agreed deadline of the end of 2025, we are ready to make efforts and find ways to achieve this with minimal risks and costs for the consumer,” he said.

The effort towards faster synchronisation is made possible by bringing forward the extensive reconstruction of the Estonian-Latvian interconnection.

“For Estonian electricity consumers, the possibility of faster synchronisation with acceptable risks is made possible by shifting the schedule of the reconstruction of the second Estonian-Latvian interconnection from October 2025 to the end of 2024,” Mr Veskimägi added.

In addition to bringing forward the mentioned powerline, there are other important factors explained by ongoing studies that have to be considered when agreeing on an earlier deadline for desynchronisation. Moreover, before synchronisation, it is mandatory to conduct an isolated operation test of the Baltic power system.

In addition to infrastructure projects, upgrades to IT and control systems are also crucial. The most significant of these is the new energy management system SCADA with frequency control capabilities. With the upgrades, new capabilities will be added to the control centre, such as frequency control, stability assessment and improved system cyber security.

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