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ESO recalls the importance of the TRINITY project to improve regional transmission capacity

The Executive Director of Bulgaria’s Electricity System Operator (ESO), Angelin Tsachev has underlined the importance of the TRINITY project to improve the transmission capacity of regional borders through smart market technologies.

“The project is of significant importance because it will support the processes of electricity market unification in Southeast Europe, their inclusion into the common European market and it will answer to the challenges related to the changing market model stemming from the Green Deal”, he underlined during the plenary meeting that took take place on 6-7 April, in Sofia.

TRINITY project
Source: ESO.

The TRINITY project was launched to address the challenge of adopting a single and unified electricity market in South-Eastern Europe, a region that is still needs to catch up with the more experienced EU regions.

Nineteen science organisations and companies from 11 countries participate in the project, including six transmission system operators from Bulgaria, Serbia, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and France, as well as four stock exchange operators from Bulgaria, Serbia, Montenegro and Hungary.

The project activities are currently on the stage of testing, demonstration and integration. The next project steps are the integration tests and the data exchange between the platforms.

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