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Enea opens new power station in northern Poland

Polish power company Enea Operator has announced the completion of a new 110/15 kilowatt (kV) power station in Szczecin, a city in the north of Poland (28 June).

The new substation, with a total cost of almost 40 million złotych (9 million euros), is expected to increase the reliability of power supply in the city’s agglomeration and contribute to the growth of the network’s potential in connecting new renewables capacity. The facility will also enable the connection of new customers to the network in investment areas located south of Szczecin.

The new main supply point is the first electricity substation in the Szczecin Distribution Branch with an indoor high-voltage 110 kV switchgear installed at the facility.

The 18-pole switchgear was made using Gas Insulated Switchgear (GIS) technology, which is based on the use of gas as an insulating medium in devices used for power distribution and transmission. As a result, the station devices take up much less space and are less exposed to extreme weather conditions compared to more frequently used overhead infrastructure solutions.

“The implementation of these numerous and modern functionalities contributes to the creation of a more intelligent, flexible and reliable power system. Thanks to this, customers can enjoy a higher quality of energy supply, and we have the opportunity to better monitor, manage and maintain the energy infrastructure,” said Marcin Gawroński, President of Enea Operator.

The substation plays an important role in the energy infrastructure of the Szczecin agglomeration, serving as one of the three main nodes in the high-voltage network. With six 110 kV lines, it acts as a connection point to the city’s Pomorzany heat and power plant.

It also incorporates a range of innovative features of the smart power infrastructure. A real-time network load monitoring system, alongside automatic identification and repair systems, will enable quick detection and localisation of network failures. Additionally, active and reactive power flow control will provide precise monitoring of electricity flow.

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