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DTEK to invest 2.4 billion euros in grid upgrade in Kyiv region

On 22 June, Ukraine’s biggest private energy company DTEK announced plans to revamp the power grid network in the regions surrounding Kyiv.

The company plans to construct a smart grid that can withstand military attacks more effectively and contribute to Ukraine’s energy transition. The power grid in the Kyiv region, excluding the capital itself, suffered extensive damages in the early stages of the Russian invasion and by deliberate Russian attacks in October 2022.

In order to make substantial repairs and significant upgrades to meet modern European standards, DTEK is seeking funding of up to 2.4 billion euros over a 10-year period. These plans, subject to approval by Ukraine’s Ministry of Energy, include the construction of a smart grid comprising new 20,000 kilometres of overhead and underground cables, 250 substations, 6,000 transformers, and nearly a million smart metres.

“DTEK does not seek to only rebuild what was destroyed but to build a new power sector for Ukraine that is cleaner, innovative and more resilient. This investment will give the Kyiv region a world-class smart grid infrastructure that enables Ukraine’s energy transition: integrating renewable generation and preparing Ukraine to become a major clean energy hub for the European Union,” said Maxim Timchenko, CEO of DTEK.

The proposed project would establish smart grid infrastructure that remains operational even if a segment is damaged or destroyed, DTEK said. Moreover, it would enhance the connectivity to renewables. The flexible system would also enable consumers to contribute to the grid by generating their own energy through household solar panels or by utilising car batteries for energy storage.

DTEK plans to conduct a three-year pilot phase in the Irpin-Bucha-Borodyanka area, situated 15 miles from the capital. To initiate this pilot phase, the company seeks to secure an initial funding of 145 million euros.

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