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Czechia expects an increase in electricity consumption

The Czech government has approved a draft plan that outlines how the Czech economy will go through the process of decarbonisation. Indeed, this process will lead to an increase in electricity consumption in the coming years which, in turn, will mean more electricity generation from renewable energy sources as well as from nuclear. An important part of the process is energy savings, which will make it possible to reduce the energy intensity of the Czech economy.

“The plan presents an outlook for the development of the energy industry until 2030,” said Minister of Industry and Trade Jozef Síkela. “By then, electricity consumption will increase by approximately one-tenth compared to today. On the other hand, we expect a significant reduction in the production of electricity from coal. […] We will also stop exporting electricity from lignite.” According to him, the increase in electricity consumption can be expected with the development of electromobility, but also due to the electrification of industry or the heating sector.

“This climate and energy plan will enable us to fulfil the goal of decarbonising the Czech economy,” added the Minister of Environment, Petr Hladík, highlighting especially the emphasis put on the development of renewable energy sources and energy savings.

On the other hand, as electricity consumption increases and coal production decreases, there will be a need to import electricity from other countries, especially in the coming years. However, the Minister reassured that the imports will not translate into rising prices for the customers.

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