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Continental Europe TSOs agree to gradually expand Ukrainian electricity exports to Europe

Continental Europe Transmission System Operators (TSOs) decided to address positively Ukrenergo‘s request and confirmed the key conditions that, once met, will enable a gradual opening of the electricity trade with Ukraine. The full implementation of these technical conditions is necessary to guarantee the security and stability of the extended power system.

The decision follows the urgent request by Ukrenergo and Moldova for emergency synchronisation. This acceleration of the Synchronisation Project, ongoing since 2017, has been possible notably by the adoption of risk mitigation measures. These included the limitation of the power flows between Ukraine and the neighbouring countries by preventing electricity trade via the interconnections with Ukraine.

“Commercial electricity trade between the European Union and Ukraine can help address the growing liquidity gap in Ukraine’s energy sector as a result of war,” said the director of the energy. Community Secretariat, Artur Lorkowski. “But it can also provide Europe with the alternative energy sources it is currently looking for to replace Russian gas. We also see this as a means to increase competition and strengthen the security of supply in two Contracting Parties – Moldova and Ukraine.”

Also, the European Commission has welcomed the progress in integrating Ukraine and Moldova into the European electricity market.

“The process will be gradual and done under clear conditions agreed with our Ukrainian partners, so that the energy security for the region will be ensured,” commented EU Energy Commissioner Kadri Simson. “This is another tangible sign of our solidarity with Ukraine and a further important step in the longer-term perspective towards achieving full synchronisation, market reforms, and market integration between the EU and Ukraine.”

Firstly, Ukrenergo considers the possibility of starting electricity exports to European countries to be an opportunity to provide additional liquidity in the electricity market and generate additional income. Secondly, low-carbon electricity supplies from Ukraine will significantly strengthen energy security in the region of Central and Eastern Europe. At the same time, electricity supplies from Ukraine could cover some share of electricity consumption in these countries and reduce their dependence on Russia.

At the same time, Ukrenergo clearly understands that in order to transit from the trial mode to permanent synchronisation and launch full-fledged exports of electricity from Ukraine, it is necessary to complete several technical measures that will ensure the operational stability of the power system under the new conditions of interconnected operation.

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