Monday, November 30, 2020
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Amber Grid’s new solar parks to generate green electricity for almost half of its needs

Lithuania’s gas transmission system operator Amber Grid signed an agreement with commercial solar power plant contract company Eternia Solar for the installation of solar power plants in the territories of Amber Grid.

The agreement foresees the installation of approximately 1,400 kilovolts (kW) power solar energy facilities by the end of 2021, worth 980,000 euros. Upon completion of the installation of the solar energy parks, Amber Grid will generate nearly half of electricity from renewable sources for its own needs.

“We start green energy development from ourselves,” said Amber Grid CEO Nemunas Biknius. “Producing renewable energy for the needs of the Lithuanian gas transmission system, we will make our contribution into clean environment creation and the strategic choice of Lithuania to increase the share of renewable energy sources in the energy sector. This step will enable a significant cut in the company’s costs of electricity used in its operation.”

Objects controlled by Amber Grid, including compressor stations, gas distribution and accounting stations consume approximately three gigawatt-hours (GWh) of electricity per year. With the new agreement, it is estimated that the company will generate about 1.3 GWh green energy for its needs per year which will account for approximately 40 per cent of the total demand for electricity of the company.

“We are proud of being a partner of Amber Grid in implementation of this ambitious large-scale project,” commented Eternia Solar Executive Director Andrius Džiaugys. “Having chosen the latest double-sided solar panels technology for its power plants and solar tracking system for a part of the power plant, Amber Grid will be among the most progressive producing consumers in the country. Although we have already installed 70 per cent of the commercial solar power plants of the country, including the largest projects mounted on the roofs and on the ground, this project is one of the most complex and modern.”

The installation of the solar plants is just another initiative of Amber Grid to contribute to the green energy development promotion. The company is actively researching the possibilities to install Power-to-Gas facilities to convert excess electricity generated from renewable energy sources into hydrogen and supply it to the gas transmission network. Besides, efforts are exerted to create favourable conditions for connecting renewable gas and biomethane production facilities to the gas transmission systems.

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