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A new era for energy security: Southeast Electricity Network Coordination Center inaugurated

The Southeast Electricity Network Coordination Center SEleNe CC was inaugurated in Thessaloniki, Greece.

“The launch of operations of the Regional Control Center for Southeast Europe in Thessaloniki, marks the beginning of a new era for energy security and cooperation in the region,” said Greece’s Minister of Environment and Energy, Kostas Skrekas. “It is an important step for the alignment of our area with the European policies for energy transition but also the retention of stability of the power grid, given that more and more RES are added in the European energy mix. The close cooperation of the Operators will allow the maximising of energy transmission between countries and will reinforce transparency in the European energy market, by means of monitoring energy exchanges in southern Europe. It also strengthens the country’s role as an energy junction and shields the adequacy of the electric power transmission system in the area.” 

SEleNe CC was established in May 2020 and from July 2021, entered commercial operation with the provision of consulting services to the System Operators of Greece (IPTO), Bulgaria (ESO-EAD), Italy (Terna) and Romania (Transelectrica), towards the coordination and consistent operation of the Transmission Systems of Southeast Europe.

“Today we celebrate the fruits of the close cooperation between the Operators of the four neighbouring countries,” added the Chairman and CEO of IPTO, Manos Manousakis. “After many years of effort, we have accomplished our common goal, to establish the sixth and last RSC in the European Union, in the region of South-Eastern Europe. The need for energy security at a regional level becomes even more urgent within an environment of increasing RES penetration and the integration of the European electricity market but also because of the climate crisis which creates extreme weather conditions, often causing unforeseen incidents in the European electricity system. SEleNe CC promotes energy stability and know-how exchange between neighbouring Operators and makes for an important step as regards the alignment of the wider region with the European institutional framework.”

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