Friday, December 3, 2021


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Baltic TSOs to establish a Baltic Regional Coordination Centre

The Baltic electricity transmission system operators entered into an agreement to establish a Baltic Regional Coordination Centre based in Tallinn.

Slovenia’s NEDO smart grids and smart communities project enters final phase

ELES and its partners marked an important milestone in the second phase of the NEDO smart grids and smart communities project.

Energy regulators must provide investor security for a climate-friendly energy transition

The Energy Regulators Regional Association (ERRA) has published a report showing the interest and willingness of its members to play an active role in the decarbonisation process.

Electricity TSOs commit to address climate change challenges for the energy system

ENTSO-E, Med-TSO and GO15 are joining forces to affirm the commitment of electricity transmission system and grid operators to fulfil their central role in addressing climate change challenges.

Bulgaria’s ESO new tool to connect producers and consumers of electricity

Angelin Tsachev, Executive Director of Bulgaria’s Electricity System Operator said to be aware of the challenges of energy transformation and the role ESOs have to play to meet the 2030 targets.

Baltic and Polish TSOs apply for new funding to complete the synchronisation project

TSOs from the Baltic States and from Poland submitted a joint application for funding from the Connecting Europe Facility, crucial for secure and stable synchronisation of Baltic power systems with the Continental European Synchronous Area.

Serbia’s Minister of Energy reassures citizens about electricity and gas supplies

Serbia’s Minister of Mining and Energy, Zorana Mihajlovic reassured that Serbia has enough electricity and gas to supply citizens and that the State will do everything to ensure energy stability.

Latvian TSO is the first among Baltic operators to issue green bonds

Augstsprieguma tîkls AS (AST) issued green bonds to support the transition to a zero-emission power system and help the integration of the Baltic market.

Estonia’s RRP will help Elering ensuring a faster connection of renewables to the grid

The European Commission approved financing of 30 million euros for developing Elering’s network within the framework of the Estonian recovery and resilience plan.

Hungary adopts national battery strategy

Hungary’s government approved an action plan for the development of the battery industry, which will help the country to achieve its climate neutrality goal by 2050.

Latvia gives green light to acquire, manage and operate electricity storage facilities

The synchronisation of the Baltic states with continental Europe in 2025 creates the need for balancing reserve capacity. In the opinion of AST it is necessary to purchase electricity storage facilities, the acquisition of which was approved by the Cabinet of Ministers.

A new era for energy security: Southeast Electricity Network Coordination Center inaugurated

The Southeast Electricity Network Coordination Center (SEleNe CC) was inaugurated in Thessaloniki, Greece, marking a new era for energy security and cooperation in the region.

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