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Making the 2020s the decade of distribution grids

Distribution grids are the backbone of the digital and energy transition. However, to be fit-for-purpose in an increasingly decarbonised, decentralised and digitalised power system, investments of 375-425 billion euros are needed by 2030.

Estonian homeowners become producers of solar energy

Estonian homeowners made a bold step forward in the field of solar energy: 2,500 clients are selling electric energy generated in their home to Eesti Energia as small energy producers.

One of the most critical near-blackout since 2006: system separation in Continental Europe

A near power grid outbreak cut Europe’s power grid into a South-Eastern and a North-Western part for about an hour. It was described as one of the most critical near-blackout situations since the region’s last major blackout in 2006.

Wind and water provide most renewable electricity, but solar is the fastest-growing source

Wind and hydropower energy accounted for over two-thirds of the total electricity generated from renewable sources, followed by solar power, solid biofuels and other renewables.

Power-to-Gas technology for the integration of Hungary’s electricity and natural gas sectors

With the help of the Power-to-Gas technology, electricity is converted in several steps into gaseous fuels, mostly using electrolysis and chemical, biological processes. It is simpler and more economical.

The internal electricity market will play an important role in achieving the green transition

Internal electricity markets play a key role in implementing the green transition. Transmission system operators must work together to strengthen regional operational safety coordination.

Romanian households can pay less for electricity from this year after market liberalisation

Romania's electricity market was fully liberalised from the beginning of this year. Therefore, the supply prices to household customers are no longer set by the National Energy Regulatory Authority and electricity will be cheaper.

New Estonia-Latvia interconnection starts operations

All construction works of the Estonia-Latvia third 330 kV interconnection has been completed and the newly built 330 kV electricity transmission line from Estonia to Riga CHP-2 in Latvia has been put into operation.

Baltic TSOs to strengthen cooperation for the future of offshore grid

The Transmission System Operators of the Baltic Sea Region agreed to start the preparation work for the establishment of a cooperation for the Baltic Sea offshore grid.

Baltics’ and Poland’s TSOs sign grant agreement for the Synchronisation Project

The Innovation and Networks Executive Agency has signed a 720 million grant euros agreement with the electricity transmission system operators of the Baltics and Poland for the Synchronisation Project.

Low-carbon electricity is becoming cost competitive

The levelised costs of electricity generation of low-carbon generation technologies are falling and are increasingly below the costs of conventional fossil fuel generation, according to the OECD NEA and the IEA.

GEN-I to be the first in Slovenia to offer customers electricity exclusively without CO2

Starting in January, GEN-I will be the first company in Slovenia to begin supplying customers with electricity exclusively produced from environmentally friendly and carbon-free sources.

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