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Turkey’s new renewables expansion targets and prospects for green hydrogen

The electricity produced from renewable sources across solar, wind and geothermal has tripled in the last decade in Turkey, reaching 44% in 2019 and exceeding the government's initial 38.8% target.

Leading Shell’s scenarios team in the age of the energy transition – interview with László Varró, VP of Global Business Environment

Earlier in June, Royal Dutch Shell has hired László Varró, former Chief Economist of the IEA to lead its Scenarios team. An opportunity that Mr Varró has defined as a great honour.

Gas exchanges: the safeguarders of traders’ deals – interview with Daniel Garai, CEO of CEEGEX

Daniel Garai, CEO of CEEGEX spekas about the key factors driving market integration, the effects of new gas routes on the trade side as well as a new initiative aimed at creating more efficient trading between Hungary and its neighbours.

How high electricity prices are affecting Western Balkans’ traders

Record-high electricity and gas prices have been recorded throughout Europe, while economies are still recovering. Will small companies from the Western Balksn survive winter, while the region is also trying to fully align with the Third Energy Package?

Addressing the social aspect of the coal phase-out: lessons learnt from the UK

Currently, 41 regions in 12 EU Member States are still actively mining coal, providing jobs to about 240,000 people who have limited opportunities to find alternative employment.

CEE on the road to COP26

We are a month away from COP26, a long-awaited event in terms of climate commitments and also CEE countries are giving more and more thought to the challenge of fighting climate change.

MET Group’s renewable path – interview with Christian Hürlimann, Renewables Chief Executive Officer

Christian Hürlimann speaks about his goals and aspirations as the new Renewables CEO, as well as the opportunities and challenges presented by a region as diverse as Central and Eastern Europe.

Securing a sustainable future – interview with Line Hestvik, Chief Sustainability Officer at Allianz

Sustainability, in every dimension, is one of Allianz’s top priorities. Line Hestvik, Chief Sustainability Officer, about the latest achievements of the group and the prospects for a net-zero future for the insurance industry.

It is time for Ukraine to start working on LNG legislative framework

The existence of a regulatory framework is critical to have an LNG market fully functioning. Yaroslav Petrov, partner, and Marta Halabala, senior associate, at Asters shed some light on Ukraine's legislative framework and the issues faced by investors.

The Black Sea region is emerging as the next hydrogen hub

The IRENA estimates that hydrogen will account globally for 12 % of final energy use by 2050. And South-Eastern Europe is particularly suited for such production.

The renewable energy potential of the Black Sea region: a political challenge

The Black Sea region is now emerging as a potential renewables hub. However, it is not a technological challenge anymore but a political one as everybody must get on board for the energy transition to happen.

Presenting the European Green Capital 2021 – Interview with Pekka Timonen, Mayor of Lahti

Pekka Timonen, Mayor of Lahti speaks about the journey that led the city towards becoming the first Green Capital in the history of Finland.

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