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The social aspect of the Fit for 55 package

The greatest challenge of the Fit for 55 package is to guarantee that each Member State will benefit from the energy transition. That's why the Commission launched the Social Climate Fund. However, vulnerable categories risk to fall under extra pressure.

Eastern Partnership Countries participate in the energy transition

Eastern Partnership Countries are making progress towards a low-carbon future, committing to support the ambitious EU's goals. Still many challenges remain, especially related to energy efficiency and regulatory framework.

Make transport greener without turning CEE into a graveyard for old and polluting cars

With the newly-launched Fit for 55 package, the European Commission aims to decrease emissions from transport by 9% by 2050. However a lack of ambition and recognition of some factors risk to turn the CEE region into a graveyard for old and polluting cars.

Three lessons from Poland’s exceptional coal region

Seven out of 44 European coal regions are located in Poland and although Upper Silesia is the most well-known among them, Aleksander Szpor, from the Instrat Foundation mentions another one which is becoming prominent in the just transition process.

Looking for a niche while contributing to a hydrogen economy – interview with Arkadiusz Sekściński, VP of PGNiG Management Board

Arkadiusz Sekściński, Vice-President of the Management Board of PGNiG for Development speaks about the company's plan for the next 2-3 years to create a coherent chain of hydrogen competencies that will allow to meet the challenges of the European Green Deal.

Fit for 55: first reactions from the CEE region

The European Commission has adopted the long-awaited set of proposals known as the Fit for 55 package. CEE is welcoming the package but several concerns were raised regarding a lack of ambitions and fundings.

Bulgaria’s realistic path to carbon neutrality includes nuclear and natural gas

Bulgaria, as the hosting country of the Three Seas Initiative Summit has put again on the table the debate around the role of natural gas and nuclear in the energy transition. Is the country on track to reach carbon neutrality?

A tectonic shift of capital is just beginning

For BCG, the private sector can act as a powerful agent in solving global problems. Larry Fink, chairman and CEO of BlackRock is putting this theory of change into action, investing in companies that integrate sustainability into their business strategy.

Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism: expectations and implications for the CEE region

Tibor Schaffhauser, Co-founder of the Green Policy Center shares his insights on the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) and what it could mean to the CEE region.

Slovenia’s energy programme for the next 6 months

Under the slogan Together. Resilient. Europe., Slovenia has assumed the presidency of the EU Council for the next six months. A crucial moment under an energy perspective, with the Fit for 55 package expected to be adopted this month and a series of directives’ revisions.

The path to mainstream reusable packaging is paved with effective laws and standards

On 3 July, Europeans waved goodbye to many single-use plastic items. Samy Porteron, Programme Manager at ECOS writes about the lack of dedicated laws and standards and the unique window of opportunity in front of which politicians and industry players stand to help curb plastic pollution.

Low-carbon liquid fuels will contribute to the decarbonisation of all transport modes – interview with FuelsEurope Director Alessandro Bartelloni

Alessandro Bartelloni, FuelsEurope Director speaks about the main advantages of low-carbon liquid fuels, what to expect from the upcoming EU directives' revisions and the importance of taking into account the social aspect of the transition.

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