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Powering equality – Q&A with Andrea Istenesné Solti, Country Chair of Shell Hungary

Andrea Istenesné Solti, Country Chair of Shell Hungary shares how a major international company like Shell coped with the challenges of the pandemic, speaking also about the ambitious plans and strategies that will drive its sustainability agenda.

Hungary’s transition towards a green and circular economy – interview with State Secretary Attila Steiner

State Secretary for climate change Attila Steiner about how Hungary will complete the transition towards a green and circular economy, with a focus on the coal phase-out and the transformation of the Mátra Power Plant.

How to stop Nord Stream 2?

Maksym Bielawski, leading expert at the Razumkov Centre reflects on the current situation of Nord Stream 2, the recent cooperation between Ukraine and Poland and the most important steps to take to increase the level of energy security on the European continent.

Powering equality – Q&A with Laura Janssen, Senior Associate of Dentons

Laura Janssen, Senior Associate of global law firm Dentons speaks about the various opportunities of the ongoing energy transition, which offers many potential benefits for players in the energy sector who can and wish to rethink their operations in light of our climate ambitions.

Suez blockage: the story of a single ship blocking a vital trade artery for 6 days

Andrea Pánczél, founder of CEENERGYNEWS shares her perspective on the Suez blockage. What are the lessons learnt from the incident? The consequences are yet to be seen.

Nuclearelectrica CEO: decarbonisation cannot happen without nuclear energy, no matter the perceptions

The free energy market will lead to an increase in revenues and the timing could not be better since the need for new investments in clean power generation is bigger than ever, says Cosmin Ghiță, the CEO of Nuclearelectrica.

Powering equality – Q&A with Barbara Botos, Hungary’s Deputy State Secretary for Climate Policy

Barbara Botos, Hungary’s Deputy State Secretary responsible for Climate Policy at the Ministry for Innovation and Technology says that the pandemic could be a unique opportunity for decisive action towards a greener and more sustainable economy.

Hungary needs a smart electricity grid – interview with Zsolt Bertalan, President of the Smart Future Innovation Cluster

Zsolt Bertalan, President of the Smart Future Innovation Cluster, speaks about the role consumers can have in the decarbonisation of the energy system and what is needed to change in the CEE region for grids to become “smart”.

The make-or-break decade has begun: climate action must start now

The spirit of the Paris agreement still pervades most of the countries and the climate actions taken between now and 2030 will determine whether we can avert the most devastating effects of climate change in the future.

Thirsty for justice, the Czech Republic takes Poland to court over Turów coal mine

Zala Primc, an environmental campaigner at Europe Beyond Coal writes about the Turów coal mine and the power plant it feeds which both face controversy and an uncertain future in a Europe making rapid moves towards decarbonisation.

Integration of Ukrainian Power System to ENTSO-E: challenges and opportunities

Andrian Prokip, an energy analyst at the Ukrainian Institute for the Future writes about the key expected benefits and challenges for Ukraine from integration with the ENTSO-E.

Romania is set to have 1,4 GW of new wind capacity in the next 5 years

Wind energy is set to boom again in Romania with 1,4 GW of new installations forecasted for in the next 5 years. Investors are already lining up at Transelectrica in order to secure access to the national grid for their future projects.

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