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Building momentum of the electromobility industry in Central Eastern Europe

Are you asking yourself how to keep up with the latest trends, technologies and announcements of the up-and-coming electromobility market of Central and Eastern Europe?  Do you want to know more about the operations of the largest battery factory in the region? Then you will be excited to hear that our first e-book on the future of electromobility is finally out! 

  • We have collected for you all the major news in the electromobility industry in the CEE region of the past 3 months. 
  • We made an exclusive interview with Jangha Lee, President of LG Energy Solution Wroclaw, Europe’s largest and the world’s leading manufacturer of lithium-ion batteries for the automotive industry. 
  • CEENERGYNEWS’ editor-in-chief Claudia Patricolo has prepared for you an in-depth analysis of the policies currently in place in CEE, trying to answer the questions related to the charging infrastructure and how electromobility can positively affect the environment we live in.
  • Finally, we have also prepared for you a map of the CEE EV market growth, which clearly indicates the number of batteries electric vehicles currently on the road in the largest markets in the region and the number of charging stations currently available. 

Enjoy reading our first e-book! 

Table of content

  1. Message from the Editor-in-chief
  2. CEE embracing the shift to  zero-emission mobility
  3. Highlights of the CEE e-mobility market
  4. Exclusive interview with Jangha Lee, President of LG Energy Solution Wrocław
  5. Interview with Yong Girl Lee, Business Support Director, LG Energy Solution Wrocław
  6. In Summary

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