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The genre of gender at climate talks – COP28 daily

Day five of COP28 was about gender equality, with most participants of the climate summit dressed in blush and bashful, or pink and pink. Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said that the absence of women in COP28 talks was a major worry. On gender, she echoed that women were the greatest validators of climate responses. She highlighted the critical need for gender-responsive climate policies, specifically addressing the difficulties encountered by women in countries that are vulnerable. It is imperative for everyone to adopt a gender perspective, by putting on special gender lenses, whether it is their first time or a renewed effort, in order to effectively address the role of women in combating climate change.

The Council of Women World Leaders also organised a discussion among women climate ministers and Council members from around the world on how women and girls can be centred in climate discussions and solutions throughout COP28 and beyond.


Risks are increasing with every increment of warming. Moreover, high risks are now assessed to occur at lower global warming levels. On Day 5, the IPCC hosted a side event on the key findings of IPCC’s assessment report, on recent development and outlook for the seventh cycle. Among many others, they answered questions concerning adaptation opportunities to risks to human systems, the remaining global carbon budget and action-oriented assessment.

All Hungarians were proud to see Diana Ürge-Vorsatz, one of the newly elected vice-chairs of the IPCC on the panel. She is the only European and the only woman in the top leadership of the organisation. She gave a presentation on the role of the vice-chairs. Among others, Diana will be in charge of gender action.

In terms of the operation of IPCC, policy relevance is crucial, as it is important how they can channel IPCC findings into the UNFCCC workstream. Interdisciplinarity is about the collaboration of the three working groups of IPCC, while inclusivity is about gender balance, which has improved in the last few years within the organisation, but there is still space for improvement.

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