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Warsaw takes steps to implement new Energy Management System 

Warsaw is implementing a new “Energy Management System” which is expected to save up to 20 million złotych (4.25 million euros) annually, the city’s local authority announced on 26 January.

The Energy Management System consists of interconnected measurement and control devices (electricity and heat metres, thermostatic heads) with teletransmission devices. The system is currently in the pilot stage (in Warsaw).

In facilities covered by the system, the parameters of the heating and electrical installations are monitored in detail, and the heating is controlled depending on external conditions. The planned energy usage by users during the day is also taken into account, according to a press release from Warsaw’s press office.

Currently, as part of the pilot project, the system has been installed in 10 educational institutions – sensors collect data on media consumption and integrate the operation of internal installations, but also alert about emergencies, enabling remote management from the operator’s station. One of the institutions where the pilot of the Energy Management System is underway in a nursery number 420 at st. Urszula Ledóchowska street in Wilanów. 

“We estimate that thanks to the implementation of monitoring of electricity and heat consumption in all municipal facilities, Warsaw can save up to 20 million złotych a year,” emphasised Renata Kaznowska, Deputy Mayor of Warsaw. “I am very glad that we started with educational buildings.”

The Polish capital already has over 70 educational institutions with a heat management system in two districts (Targówek and Śródmieście). The current project aims to create an integrated system that will operate throughout the city. This year, these buildings will be equipped with additional media sensors and connected to the Energy Management System. In the years 2023 – 2025, 45 million złotych (9.5 million euros) has been reserved in the city’s budget for its expansion into other municipal facilities.

As stated in the press release, buildings that are to be connected to the Energy Management System should be equipped with control and measurement devices enabling data transmissions such as regulators and controllers.

The implementation of the system contributes to Warsaw’s commitments in the field of energy and climate policy and promoting ​​sustainable development.

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