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Turów coal mine can continue to operate until 2044, Polish court rules

The Voivodeship Administrative Court has suspended legal proceedings on the environmental concerns related to the Turów coal mine, enabling mining operations at the site to continue until 2044.

The court decided to suspend the legal proceedings due to the lack of finality of the General Directorate for Environmental Protection (GDEP)’s decision on 8 August which terminated the proceedings following PGE’s application withdrawal to change GDEP’s decision.

“All this means that the environmental decision is in force and nothing changes regarding the concession until 2044. The mine and power plant will continue to operate,” said Anna Moskwa, Poland’s Minister of Climate and Environment.

The resumption of the proceedings will only occur when the decision gains finality, provided that there is no application for a reconsideration of the case or a complaint against the decision from 8 August within the specified time frame.

However, the ruling is not final and thus does not yet bind either the company or the authority. It can still be appealed to the Supreme Administrative Court in Poland. Therefore, until final judgments are issued by administrative courts regarding both the environmental decision and the 2044 decision, the concession authority cannot rule on the possible revocation of the concession decision in a reopening proceeding.

“The Turów mine and power plant will remain one of the most important sources of energy in Poland for at least 20 years. Therefore, from the beginning, we did not recognize the legitimacy of any allegations against the environmental decision of the Turów Mine,” said Wojciech Dąbrowski, President of the Management Board of PGE Polska Grupa Energetyczna, the owner and operator of the Turów coal mine.

“During the efforts to obtain the environmental decision, the Turów coal mine intensively cooperated with the Czech and German parties in the field of the environmental impact report. Thus far, the Turów mine has allocated as much as 42 million złotys [9,3 million euros] for the implementation of its provisions, which has resulted in several pro-ecological investments that have had a positive impact on the condition of the natural environment in the Tripoint area of ​​Poland, the Czech Republic and Germany. For three years we have been fighting for the Turów Mine to be able to operate and we will continue to do so because the Turów complex is an important element of our energy security,” he added.

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