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The first miniature urban forest planted in Romania

OMV Petrom, the largest energy company in Southeastern Europe completed the stage of spring planting within the campaign Romania plants for tomorrow, the largest privately funded forestation initiative in Romania.

About 700 volunteers contributed to the planting of 328,000 seedlings on a total area of 66 hectares. The forestation activities were carried out in 27 localities from 16 counties and benefited from the support of six non-governmental organisations, recognised for their contributions to environmental protection: Act for Tomorrow, Mai Mult Verde, Plantăm fapte bune în România, Pădurea Copiilor, Viitor Plus and the Association Parcul Natural Văcărești.

The forestation actions scheduled for 2021 started in March and are split into two seasons – spring and autumn. In the second year of the Romania plants for tomorrow campaign, 500,000 seedlings will be planted on an area of 107 hectares.

At the same time, during this stage, a premiere was recorded: the volunteers planted in Moinești the first miniature urban forest in Romania. Over 1,000 seedlings of 16 species were planted on an area of 500 square metres, in the courtyard of George Enescu School in Moinești. The role of this urban forest is to improve air quality, reduce noise and increase biodiversity.

Miniature urban forests are dense forests with high biodiversity, which can grow in areas starting from 250 square meters. They are also known as Miyawaki forests, after the name of the Japanese botanist who popularised this concept. The Miyawaki forests are increasing in popularity at European level. Projects such as Urban Forests in Belgium and France and Tiny Forest in the Netherlands bring together volunteers to transform small unused areas into true oases of biodiversity.

Romania plants for tomorrow started in 2020 and it is planned for a period of 3 years, targeting the planting of 1.5 million seedlings. OMV Petrom contributes with 4.6 million euro. In the first year of the campaign, over 550,000 seedlings were planted in an area covering more than 120 hectares. As part of the campaign, OMV Petrom also supports the research in the field of carbon sequestration.

Photo: OMV Petrom Facebook page.

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