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Sustainability as a priority for the Eastern Partnership

Belarus’ Minister of Foreign Affairs Vladimir Makei (pictured above) emphasised the importance of sustainability and green energy as a priority for the Eastern Partnership initiative.

According to him, in fact, sustainability also involves an increase in trade, in investments and a further possibility of access to the European Union’s market.

Speaking during the meeting of the foreign ministers of EU member states and Eastern Partnership countries, Mr Makei stressed the importance of joint actions to overcome the socio-economic consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, welcoming the EU’s intention to provide assistance to Belarus in this area.

Belarus has identified climate change and the green economy as priorities, especially when it comes to finding alternative ways to generate electricity than from oil and gas. In this regard, the Ostrovets nuclear power plant could play an important role, generating electricity also for different sectors like the transportation one.

On the occasion of the EU Sustainable Energy Week, Belarus is also participating to the 2020 EU Sustainable Energy Award for the Eastern Partnership, a competition that recognises inspiring EU-supported energy efficiency and renewable energy projects that directly help citizens and communities save energy or switch to sustainable sources.

Belarus is participating with the EU-supported PubLiCity project focused on upgrading public lighting in the city of Polack, the first Belarusian signatory of the Covenant of Mayors Initiative. Some 2,000 LED lamps were installed, together with new lighting poles, light control boxes and 12 autonomous solar-powered lamps on 28 streets of the city. In addition, 26 city building saw new decorative lighting installed. Energy savings are estimated at 265 megawatts per hour (MWh) per year and CO2 emissions reduced by 120 tonnes, with other cities keen to replicate the success.

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