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Stringent environmental standards for TAURON’s coal power plant

Poland’s energy holding company TAURON is modernising its coal-fired thermal power stations at Jaworzno (pictured above), that will operate under more stringent environmental standards. Specifically, the selective catalytic reduction (SCR) method will be used, which will reduce nitrogen oxide emissions up to three times.

“The modernisation of our 200 megawatts (MW) units is necessary to reduce their emissivity,” commented Filip Grzegorczyk, president of TAURON’s management board. 

Early last year, TAURON had announced a new company’s strategy based on increasing the share of low- and zero-emission sources in the Tauron production mix to over 65 per cent.

Last September the company purchased five wind farms with a total capacity of 180 MW, doubling its installed wind capacity.

“Our Green Turn is gaining momentum,” said Mr Grzegorczyk. “The investment in wind farms is a milestone in the implementation of our strategic directions.”

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