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Slovakia prepares to adopt climate law

Slovakia’s Ministry of the Environment has prepared the draft of the much-awaited climate law that will help the country reach carbon neutrality in line with the European Union targets.

Environment Minister Ján Budaj reminded that the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 by at least 55 per cent compared to their level in 1990 applies to all sectors and all ministries.

“Achieving the goal of reducing emissions by 2030 is a joint task,” he said. “We cannot be successful if other ministries keep their hands off it. The attitude towards climate protection cannot be the subject of political debates. We must be united on this issue.”

The proposal includes specific climate targets for the sectors excluded by the EU Emission Trading System (EU ETS), such as road transport, buildings, agriculture, land use, forestry and waste. On the other hand, it defines the duties and responsibilities of individual ministries to meet these goals.

Also included in the draft las is the creation of a Council for Climate Responsibility, an independent, professional, advisory body whose main task will be to evaluate the progress of individual ministries in fulfilling the sectoral climate goals.

At the same time, the draft law gives some power to the citizens as well in the form of climate lawsuits. This means that citizens will have the opportunity to file a lawsuit against a public administration body for insufficient fulfilment of their obligations.

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