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Slovakia launches new challenge for industrial decarbonisation

Slovakia’s Ministry of Environment will launch a new “decarbonisation challenge”, to allow industrial enterprises to invest in the most advanced technologies, ensure their competitiveness, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help in the real protection of the environment.

This new challenge will be financed by the country’s Recovery and Resilience Plan, however, as a condition, the funds must be spent by the end of June 2026.

According to Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Environment Tomáš Taraba, the current government’s priority is to implement a green transformation of the economy that will bring economic growth and wealth to Slovakia and ensure the viability of the Slovak industry while maintaining nature protection standards.

“However, the reality is that US Steel Košice, also due to changes in ownership relationships, is currently unable to proceed with the implementation of its decarbonisation project,” Mr Taraba said. “If we want to save approximately the unspent 340 million euros, we must act and we are doing so. We are pleased that in communication with the European Commission, we have managed to negotiate the launch of a new decarbonisation challenge.”

Slovakia is a country with a strongly industrialised economy, with the contribution of energy and industrial processes to total greenhouse gas emissions of just over 70 per cent. According to the Deputy Prime Minister for the Recovery and Resilience Plan of Slovakia, Peter Kmec, the original over 350 million euros for industrial decarbonisation from the recovery plan for Slovakia is a great opportunity to improve the environmental quality and competitiveness of companies.

The Ministry of Environment is calling on industrial entities involved in the EU ETS greenhouse gas emissions trading system to submit proposals for setting the challenge based on the State Aid Scheme.

“With this, we want to address industrial enterprises capable of delivering results in the form of measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 30 per cent and inform us about it,” concluded Minister Taraba. “Based on this, we will prepare the conditions for the challenge to effectively and transparently utilise investments from the recovery plan for decarbonisation goals.”

The Ministry expects that projects selected based on the challenge will contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by at least 1.2 million tons of CO2 equivalent.

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