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Serbia takes decisive step by adopting its first Law on Climate Change

Serbia’s National Assembly has adopted the country’s first Law on Climate Change. According to the Minister of Environmental Protection Irena Vujović, the legislation was the first step in the decisive fight against climate change. The Minister pointed out that Serbia was among the first countries in the Western Balkans to adopt such a law, confirming the country’s compliance with the EU’s climate agenda.

According to the Serbian Government, the adoption of the Law fulfils the obligation under the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and the Paris Agreement while it also contributes to the harmonisation of the legislation with the EU acquis.

“When it comes to climate change, Serbia has demonstrated that it is moving towards the European Union,” underlined Ms Vujović adding that the European Commission has also made its proposal for the first European Climate Law, which serves as a cornerstone of the European Green Deal. “By adopting the Climate Law, Serbia confirms that it is on the European path,” said the Minister.

The bill comes after years of negotiations. The draft law was completed in May 2018 and the Ministry of Environmental Protection expected the bill to be sent to parliament by the end of the year. However, there was no official update up until now.

The bill sets out the adoption of a national low-carbon development strategy with an action plan in the next two years. The plan will be introduced for ten years according to the government’s statement.

Minister Vujović pointed out that the Climate Law will contribute to resilience against climate change, especially in sectors such as healthcare, water management, forestry and agriculture.

The implementation of the Climate Law – as she said – will have a positive impact on economic growth and development and will bring Serbia closer to the standards and requirements of the European market, as well as membership in the European Union.

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