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Serbia launches National Energy and Climate Plan consultation

Serbia marked the launch of the public consultation on its draft National Energy and Climate Plan, a crucial tool to guide the delivery of long-term energy and climate goals. Serbian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Mining and Energy Zorana Mihajlović said there was no doubt that Serbia is on a European path and that the plan implies significant changes in the energy sector.

The national energy and climate plans (NECP) should include targets for increasing energy efficiency and the share of renewable energy sources in final consumption by 2030, as well as for a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. Policies and measures to achieve the goals are also an integral part of the document.

The European Union has introduced the plans as an obligation for its members under the Clean Energy for All Europeans package. It was adopted to help the 27-member bloc achieve its energy and climate goals for the current decade. The contracting parties of the Energy Community, like Serbia, have no obligation to adopt NECPs, as it is only a recommendation, but they are all drafting them.

Serbia opened Cluster 4 in the negotiations with the European Union, which covers the Green Agenda and sustainable connectivity and comprises four chapters: transport policy, energy, trans-European networks and environment and climate change.

At the beginning of this year, Serbia announced that public discussion for the draft national energy and climate plan and the energy development strategy would start soon. A new legislative framework was adopted last year, and the drafting of the two most important strategic documents for the energy sector began.

However, the Serbian Minister noted that there was serious resistance to adopt the plan and underlined that there should be unity regarding the implementation of the energy strategy otherwise it won’t get too far.

“Serbia is already lagging behind in the construction of new capacities and in the green energy transition. The political will is clear, we said that we want to join the EU, but for our own sake, we have to make some decisions”, emphasised the Minister.

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