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Rosneft strives to achieve leadership in minimising environmental impact

Russian integrated energy company Rosneft announced that over the past two years, its green investments amounted to 80 billion rubles (one billion euro). The funds were allocated for implementation of key projects related to the rational use of associated petroleum gas (APG), improvement of reliability of pipelines, efficient management of water resources and waste, land reclamation and conservation of biodiversity.

As part of the Rosneft-2022 strategy, the company strives to achieve leadership in minimising environmental impact and improving the environmental friendliness of production. It also plans to become one of the leading international companies in terms of specific greenhouse gas emissions.

A key direction of Rosneft’s activities is an increase of rational use of APG and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, exceeding 90 per cent level of APG utilisation on mature assets. Implementation of these major projects was awarded by the annual Kommersant Initiative Prize in the Ecology nomination.

Rosneft operates a pipeline network with a total length of more than 120,000 kilometres. In order to increase the reliability of transportation of oil and oil products, the company completed the implementation of a 4-year program that decreased the pipeline’s failure intensity by 30 per cent compared with 2013.

The company also is implementing a number of initiatives aimed at preserving ecosystems and biodiversity and develops cooperation with scientific and environmental organisations.
In 2020, the company’s efforts will be focused on the development of a comprehensive research program for study and monitoring of key species-indicators of the stable state of marine Arctic ecosystems (polar bear, walrus, white gull) and ecosystems of the northern territories of Siberia (wild reindeer).

Rosneft pays also great attention to reforestation activities. In 2019, specialists of the company’s subsidiaries planted about one million trees. 

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