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RAJA Constanta and Ramboll to modernise Romania’s water and wastewater infrastructure

The largest public regional operator in Romania, RAJA Constanta, is developing, modernising and streamlining the water and wastewater infrastructure for a large area in the Eastern part of the country. It has recently selected Danish engineering, architecture and consultancy company Ramboll to deliver technical assistance services for this major project. 

The general objective is to ensure the smooth implementation of the project that will include rehabilitation, modernisation and extension of water supply systems, wastewater collection systems and wastewater treatment plants.

Since Romania joined the European Union in 2007, the country’s water sector has been gradually improved. However, as there is still room for further improvement, the industry is still investing to improve all parts of the water cycle, from water supply to wastewater treatment.

Also, the European Union recognised the importance of such modernisation, launching, in 2019, a project to upgrade the water and wastewater infrastructure in Timiş county, in order to provide residents with sustainable, reliable and quality drinking water and wastewater services.

According to the European Commission, a total of 134 kilometres of drinking water supply networks will be rehabilitated, which consist of 126 kilometres of pipes. Nine treatment plants will be improved. The project will also provide 13 new treatment plants, 46 new storage tanks and refurbish four while 52 pumping stations will be installed. Once the five new wastewater treatment plants will be constructed, they would help reduce emissions by approximately 19,000 tons of CO2 per year.

Other than helping to reach the emissions target, water plays an important role in Romania’s energy mix, as the installed capacity of hydropower represents nearly 30 per cent of Romania’s total installed electricity generating capacity.

Photo: Ramboll’s website.

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