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Polish PGE Group strengthens circular economy segment following Epore acquisition

PGE Ekoserwis, the business segment responsible for ecological and economic solutions in the PGE Group, has acquired 100 per cent of shares in Epore, the Polish majority state-owned Polska Grupa Energetyczna (PGE) announced on Tuesday (16 January).

Epore is one of the “strategic entities” on the Polish market in adopting a circular approach in combustion by-products created in the process of energy and heat generation, as stated in a press release from the PGE Group.

This acquisition marks another key moment in the PGE’s development of a business segment dedicated to promoting a circular economy approach, following the company’s opening of the Centre for Research and Development of the Circular Economy in central Poland.

“The circular economy is an increasingly important area of ​​PGE Capital Group’s operations. The purchase of Epore shares from the current sole shareholder, PGE GiEK, is another step related to the strengthening and development of the business segment within the PGE Group dealing with the circular economy. The actions we take are aimed at the optimal use of the PGE Group’s resources in the area of ​​combustion by-products management,” said Wojciech Dąbrowski, President of PGE’s Management Board. “This transaction brings PGE closer to building a significant business entity in the field of circular economy, not only at the national but also at the European level. Thanks to the use of the synergy effect, we will increase our efforts towards zero emissions in such significant areas of the economy as construction and energy.”

The growing circular economy segment is key for the PGE Group in implementing the company’s major strategic goal: achieving climate neutrality by 2050 by implementing the principles of circular economy in all areas of business. As stated in the company’s press release, PGE “integrates specialised companies, while creating unique competencies in the energy and construction industries”.

“PGE Ekoserwis manages nearly seven million tonnes of waste and by-products from the energy sector annually, which are used in construction, civil engineering and agriculture. In December 2022, the PGE Group inaugurated the operation of the specialised Circular Economy Research and Development Centre in Bełchatów, whose task is to develop, among others, new directions for the management of combustion by-products, technologies for recycling and recovery of raw materials from worn-out installations from renewable energy sources,” said Lech Sekyra, President of the Management Board of PGE Ekoserwis.

Epore specialises in the entire combustion by-products (UPS) management process, i.e. loading, logistics, UPS control processes and maintenance of retention warehouses and landfills. The operational integration between PGE Ekoserwis and Epore in the area of ​​UPS process management and accompanying services is crucial for “achieving optimal efficiency and security of energy production in power plants and combined heat and power plants,” according to the press release.

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