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Poland’s PGE with record number of environmental projects in 2022

The Polish power company PGE Group implemented a record number of nature and biodiversity protection projects last year, the company announced on 21 February. Most notably, in 2022, the company installed 787 new special stork platforms and planted over 67,000 trees in cooperation with national parks across Poland.

With a total of 28,000 installed special stork platforms, PGE’s white stork protection program, implemented by its power engineers, has been running for the past 30 years. In addition to creating new places where these birds can nest and raise their offspring, the company also helps ornithologists in monitoring the flight routes by ringing young storks, in 2022, 866 of them were ringed in 330 nests. Together, 10 storks were equipped with GPS devices to obtain their current locations and migration routes, PGE said.

PGE also cooperates with bird protection organisations, such as the Association for Wild Animals “Sokół” which supports activities related to the renewal of the peregrine falcon species in Poland. In 2022, 14 young falcons flew out of the nests present on three chimneys at PGE Group locations.

“PGE cares about the environment not only by turning the Polish energy sector into a zero and low-emission one but also by supporting institutions and organisations in their efforts to protect nature. In 2022, we implemented a record number of over 50 pro-environmental projects,” said Wojciech Dąbrowski, President of the Management Board of PGE Polska Grupa Energetyczna.

In 2022, the company planted 67,500 trees across forests in Poland as part of its “Forests Full of Energy” program, with the aim to improve air quality and tree restoration. The new trees were planted by 1,500 participants, consisting of PGE volunteers and volunteers from friendly organisations.

Last year, the PGE Group implemented over 50 various projects in cooperation with six national parks, including 22 educational projects for children, youth and seniors, and four science and research projects. With the support of the Group, four educational paths in national parks were revitalised and three photovoltaic installations were installed – two in the Biebrza National Park (north-east Poland) and one in the Świętokrzyski National Park (south-east Poland).

This included a project monitoring breeding birds of non-forest ecosystems of the Biebrza National Park, which consisted of counting birds three times during the breeding season, in a total of 50 transects. This method enables capturing trends in the number of breeding birds and comparing them with analogous changes taking place in the whole country and region, PGE said. The company also financed the construction of an artificial nest platform for the black stork in the Biebrza National Park.

Additionally, PGE supported the Roztocze National Park, located in the east of Poland, with a research project on obtaining information on the conservation status of rare species of owls inhabiting the national park and agricultural landscape owls.

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