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Poland launches 2nd edition of the City with Climate programme

A new edition of the City with Climate programme has been inaugurated in Poland, after the success of the initiative launched in 2020.

The objective of the City with Climate programme is to disseminate modern, effective and efficient solutions that improve the quality of life of the residents and increase the cities’ resilience to the effects of climate change.

Based on the application submitted by the city to the Ministry of Climate and Environment, an analysis of the actions taken by the cities will be carried out to measure the results of the implementation of environmental and climate policies. The analysis will concern several categories, including air quality, urban greenery, transport, energy transition and water retention.

“The priorities of the Ministry of Climate and Environment in the area of urban policy include improving air quality, energy sector transition, combating the increasingly widespread concretisation – replacing the ever-present concrete with green areas, as well as promoting sustainable spatial planning and developing ecological means of transport,” said the Minister of Climate and Environment Michał Kurtyka.

“Municipal climate change adaptation plans help cities identify risks and needs related to the climate change,” added Professor Maciej Chorowski, President of the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management. “Their preparation and subsequent implementation contribute primarily to improving the safety of residents, while also protecting them from the harmful effects of climate change.”

As explained by the Director of the Institute of Environmental Protection – National Research, Krystian Szczepański, the 20 cities with the best scores will get access to tailored advisory services concerning the selected areas of building resilience, chosen in partnership with the local government.

Since last year the City with Climate programme has conducted a survey of the progress of cities in terms of implementation of their environmental policies, a series of workshops for the cities, a competition for the best-implemented project, a competition for youth from municipal secondary schools entitled School with Climate, as well as the City with Climate competition for the best urban solutions in green and blue infrastructure.

“The Brwinów municipality strives to ensure the best possible living conditions for its residents,” highlighted its Mayor, Arkadiusz Kosiński. “This means planning for sustainable development, taking care of public greenery, as well as carrying out green projects. The municipality offers great climate – both for the residents, whose number increases year by year and for ecological investments. The latter include our municipal sports hall, certified as a passive building and the growing network of bicycle paths. I am glad that our investments are appreciated and distinguished as innovative.”

Photo: Brwinów Facebook page.

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