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On the Sunny Side: Croatia’s ZEZ campaigns for spreading PV systems

Croatia’s Green Energy Cooperative Zelena Energetska Zadruga (ZEZ) has launched the On the Sunny Side campaign for making installation of rooftop solar photovoltaic (SPV) easier and cheaper for citizens in Croatia.

ZEZ has invited all the interested citizens to apply through its website in order to participate in the joint procurement of solar power plants and get complete assistance. The applicants can count on ZEZ from assessing the technical potential of the panel installation, from project preparation and equipment procurement to commissioning.

The beginning of the process is going to be quite fast.

“Applicants would be contacted within 24 hours after the request to check the conditions and cost-effectiveness of a potential solar PV system on their structure,” reads ZEZ’s statement.

The expressive campaign On the Sunny Side is part of the 1,000 Solar Roofs project supported by the European Institute of Innovation & Technology’s Climate Knowledge and Innovation Community (EIT Climate-KIC). EIT Climate-KIC recognises and supports innovation that helps society mitigate and adapt to climate change, just like in the Croatian project, which identifies the local community as a driver and leader of the energy transition.

By the beginning of 2022 On the Sunny Side targets to install 1,000 solar power plants. The deployment of solar panels for an average three-member household costs approximately from 6,600 to 6,900 euros. These kinds of households, according to ZEZ, need a 4 to 6 kilowatts solar power plant to secure 75 per cent of their electricity consumption. Furthermore, the design, equipment, transport, commissioning and testing cost up to 1,320 euros per kilowatt. Another cost concern the Distribution system operator HEP which charges meter replacement between 265 and 400 euros.

There is no question, the project should be successful, both ZEZ and EIT Climate-KIC declared that Croatia is a country of great opportunity for the use of solar energy with more than 2,300 solar hours per year.

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