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OMV to support large forestation initiative in Romania

The leading energy company in Southeastern Europe, OMV Petrom, is supporting the largest privately funded forestation initiative in Romania. 

The forestation activities will be organised by six NGOs known for their contributions to the environment protection, while the Ministry of Environment, Waters and Forests will provide forestry specialists and local expertise during the tree planting campaign.

“The climate change debate has gained momentum and, as an energy company, we aim to be part of the solution,” said Christina Verchere, CEO OMV Petrom. “In addition to addressing this in our own operations, we have a long history in supporting relevant causes for Romania, from health to education and environment. We have planted more than 700,000 trees so far, in the past 10 years and we strongly believe that such projects can make the difference for a better life.”

Within the project called Romania plants for tomorrow, approximately 1,500,000 seedlings will be planted on 300 hectares in the next three years. The planting campaign aims to help those communities affected by landslides, planting being a real solution to prevent water retention in soil, flooding and soil drying.

At the same time, planting contributes to carbon dioxide capture, forests being considered the most important storages of carbon dioxide, making them a key element of nature-based solutions to climate change. It is estimated that each planted tree could neutralise 5.5 kilograms of carbon dioxide on average per year.  

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