Tuesday, September 22, 2020
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OMV Petrom installs PV panels in 40 stations in Romania

Leading energy company in Southeastern Europe OMV Petrom installed photovoltaic panels in 33 OMV branded filling stations and in seven Petrom-branded filling stations in Romania so that they can be supplied with green energy and reduce the consumption of conventional energy.

By installing photovoltaic panels, more than 10 per cent of the electricity needs of the filling stations is supplied from solar energy. The investment in this project amounts to 1.3 million euros.

“We are constantly interested in reducing our carbon footprint in all our business segments, including refining and distribution activities,” said Radu Căprău, member of OMV Petrom Executive Board responsible for Downstream Oil. “This year we further pursued our environmentally-friendly initiatives including the setup of photovoltaic panels in filling stations. Our plan is to increase the number of filling stations equipped with photovoltaic panels to 78 by the end of the year.” 

The photovoltaic panels produce more than 30,000 kilowatts per hour (kWh) of green energy per year in each filling station, which is the equivalent of annual average consumption for eight households per year. 

Thanks to the energy produced by the photovoltaic panels, each filling station will contribute to the reduction of the carbon footprint by 8.3 tons of carbon dioxide emissions each year. The decrease of carbon emissions in the 40 filling stations is the equivalent of recycling more than three million plastic bottles. 

Measures at the company level taken for a cleaner environment generated in 2019 a reduction by 22 per cent of the carbon emissions compared to 2010. The target of OMV Petrom is to reach a 27 per cent reduction by 2025. In addition, OMV Petrom encourages responsible behaviour both as a company as well as an individual.

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