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OMV joins “Together for Sustainability” campaign

OMV, the international integrated oil, gas and chemicals company headquartered in Vienna announced that it has joined Together for Sustainability (TfS), a chemical industry initiative to assess and improve sustainability practices in the global supply chain.

The initiative supports and promotes the principles of the UN Global Compact and Responsible Care. With this, OMV is expanding the TfS membership previously held by its subsidiary Borealis to the level of the OMV Group.

“I am delighted that OMV has become a member of TfS,” said Klaus Blachnik, Chief Procurement Officer of OMV. “For us, enhancing sustainability in the supply chain means focusing even more on the environmental, social and economic impacts of the services and goods we purchase. We will continue building on the expertise gained by Borealis as a TfS member since 2017 and we strongly believe that becoming a TfS member will help OMV further embed sustainability in our daily operations and cascade sustainability in our supply chain.”

TfS enables its members to collaborate in implementing sustainable procurement in the individual member companies by sharing the results of supplier audits and assessments performed by independent experts and specialist auditors. These cover key areas of sustainable business practice, management, and governance, including environmental impact, labour and human rights, health and safety, ethical conduct and sustainable procurement.

The audits and assessments benefit both members and suppliers, who only need to go through the process once and can thus increase the efficiency through sharing audit and assessment results. This shared use of the results significantly increases the availability of relevant suppliers and the sustainability in the supply chain.

“At this very critical point in time, we need to join forces across the chemical industry and work together to make supply chains and businesses at large contribute to a better world,” added TfS President Bertrand Conquéret welcoming OMV.

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