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Minister of Mining and Energy shares goal of a “green Serbia” with new EBRD Director

Serbia’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Mining and Energy, Zorana Mihajlović met with Matteo Colangeli, the new Director of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) for the Western Balkans and they held talks about the cooperation of the two institutions on projects in the energy and mining sectors, as well as the new strategic framework in this area.

“There is a lot of space for cooperation, to complete existing projects and start new ones,” said Mrs Mihajlović. “We are in the process of drafting the Integrated Climate and Energy Plan, as well as the new Energy Development Strategy with a vision until 2050. We are committed to creating a favourable business environment, for the sake of the inflow of new investments. Our goal is a green Serbia, we are establishing the Energy Efficiency Fund, we want more energy from renewable sources, we have planned auctions and simplified the procedures for installing solar panels.”

Matteo Colangeli pointed out that the Ministry can count on the support of the EBRD in its efforts to improve the mining and energy sector in Serbia.

“It’s great to see your commitment in this area,” he said. “You can count on equal commitment on our part to continue good cooperation. Special praise for the preparation of the National Climate and Energy Plan, but also efforts to increase production from renewable energy sources. The system of auctions that you have foreseen with the new law is the best tool for attracting new investors, which achieves good results everywhere, we believe that it will be the same in Serbia as well .”

In particular, the meeting focused on projects to increase energy efficiency, the establishment of the EE Fund, solar panels and increase production from renewable energy sources, as well as projects to reconstruct the distribution network.

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