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Lithuanian gas transmission operator to connect biomethane plant to the grid

Lithuania’s gas transmission system operator, Amber Grid has signed a contract for the connection of a biomethane power plant to the country’s gas transmission system. This will be the first time that Amber Grid will blend renewable gas into natural gas.

The plant operated by Tube Green UAB will start to supply biomethane to the gas grid next year. Once connected to the gas grid, the plant is expected to inject 122 gigawatt-hours (GWh) of biomethane into the system each year. This would be enough to supply gas to the city of Palanga all year. In terms of Lithuania’s total gas consumption, the biomethane produced by the plant will account for 0.5 per cent of Lithuania’s total gas demand, which is around 24 terawatt-hours (TWh) per year.

“The project will be the first time we will connect a biomethane producer to the gas transmission system and blend renewable gas into natural gas,” underlined Nemunas Biknius, CEO of Amber Grid.

“It is particularly important that consumers will be supplied with gas produced in Lithuania rather than imported energy, which will contribute to the country’s energy security,” he pointed out adding that the project will also reduce the impact of climate change and create long-term added value for the national economy. We hope that the first project will become a real role model for other biomethane market players looking for opportunities,” said the CEO of Amber Grid.

Lithuania’s system operator has seen a rapidly growing interest in investing in biogas production. Large industrial companies and new entrants are very actively exploring the possibility of installing biogas plants, connecting them to the gas transmission system and supplying the biomethane produced to the domestic and foreign markets through the Guarantee of Origin trade.

Lithuania’s National Climate Change plan sets a 950 GWh target for biomethane consumption in the transport sector by 2030. Amber Grid informed that preliminary conditions for connection to the gas transmission network have been issued to 12 companies, while three more are in the process of preparing and concluding two contracts for connection to the gas transmission network.

Biomethane, produced from food waste, manure or agricultural residues, is part of the circular economy and is considered one of the most advanced forms of renewable energy and is being actively developed in many European countries.

Within the REPowerEU plan, the EU has proposed actions to upscale the production of biogas and biomethane sustainably as it can support climate goals, diversify gas supplies and reduce the EU’s dependence on Russian fossil fuels.

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