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Klaus Iohannis: Romania is the EU’s lowest emitter per capita

Romania has one of the lowest rates of emissions per capita in the European Union, declared the country’s President, Klaus Iohannis at the ongoing UN Climate Change Conference COP26 in Glasgow.

Over the last 30 years, Romania has managed to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 64 per cent and CO2 emissions per unit of GDP, by 77 per cent, “the percentage more than double the global average”, President Iohannis noted in his speech, adding that  “further reducing emissions will be challenging, especially as we move closer to net zero. I want us to work together to develop, manufacture and deploy new green technologies.”

Forty per cent of electricity in Romania comes from renewable sources but the country is committed to expanding the share.

According to Mr Iohannis, Romania’s plan to fight climate change includes a set of measures, one of them being the growth of 57,000 hectares of new forests as part of the country’s Recovery Plan for carbon capture and combating desertification.  

Education is another target for Romania in its quest to cultivate environmentally-friendly behaviour among its citizens, so is the advancement of research on climate change.

“Starting in 2023, Romania will host an innovative World Meteorological Organisation Centre that will help agricultural systems in Europe to better respond to climate change”, President Iohannis announced and urged the attendees to protect the environment in a way where nobody is left behind in the process of the green transition.

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