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Hungary reviews National Energy and Climate Plan

Due to the drastically changed circumstances since the adaption of Hungary’s National Energy and Climate Plan (NECP) in 2020, the Ministry of Energy – while upholding previous climate policy objectives – considers it important to review the commitments.

In order to meet the EU’s energy and climate targets for 2030, Member States were required to establish a 10-year NECP for the period from 2021 to 2030.

Hungary’s Minister for Energy, Csaba Lantos asked stakeholder organisations to think together in order to explore options that promise results even in the short term as Hungary is already preparing for the next heating season.

In addition to the immediate steps, the Ministry of Energy is also working on the fulfilment of the climate neutrality commitments set for several decades. The Hungarian government considers nuclear energy an important of this. The organisations invited for consultation, identified energy communities, energy efficiency, renewable energy sources, geothermal energy and biomass and biogas as important areas that can contribute to the country’s energy transition.

Since the adoption of the National Energy and Climate Plan, the energy market and the general economic environment fundamentally changed, highlighted the ministry adding that it’s also important to revisit the document due to the rapid expansion of solar power plant capacities. In the review that will start in May, the Ministry of Energy is counting on the contributions of industry players and civil society as well.

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