Thursday, September 24, 2020
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Hungary boosts tree-planting to reach the zero-emission goal

In occasion of the world forest day, Hungarian secretary of State for forests and land affairs Péter Zambó said that forests will play a key role in achieving the country’s climate protection goals.

At present, there are 80,000 hectares of forests in Hungary, whose 42.5 per cent is protected as part of the Natura 2000 network. 

According to the Climate and Nature Protection Action Plan presented last month by the Ministry for Innovation and Technology, up to 2021, the country will provide for restoring natural habitats in 150,000 hectares of protected natural areas as well as for creating the conditions for their continued preservation. And by 2030 forest areas will increase to 27 per cent of the country’s territory.

The Plan will also pay special attention to protecting Hungary’s natural waters, taking the view that we cannot allow waste coming to Hungary via rivers from abroad in consequence of irresponsible environmental behaviour to pollute our natural and national values, rivers, waters and their flora and fauna.

In particular, tree-planting will continue during spring, and by the end of April state-owned forestry companies will complete the pilot program of planting 2 million saplings in a 550-hectare area.

Forests are of great importance for carbon sequestration and climate protection, therefore, maintaining, improving and enhancing the quality of forests is an important element of the Action Plan. The government’s goal is that by 2050 the forest’s absorbing capacity will be able to fully offset the remaining emissions, in order to reach a zero-emission balance for the country.

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