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Global oil and gas companies join SOCAR in an initiative to protect the environment

Azerbaijan’s oil company SOCAR proposed the establishment of an independent regional organisation called the Caspian Environmental Protection Initiative (CEPI). 

The main goals of the initiative are to create, for the first time, a joint research platform for international oil companies operating in the region in order to protect the environment and to unite forces to achieve this goal.

The organisation aims to prevent the emission of harmful substances into the environment by developing and implementing joint preventive measures to combat climate change that threaten the environmental sustainability of the Caspian region. Several global oil and gas companies are joining SOCAR, including BP Azerbaijan, Equinor Absheron and Total Absheron.

SOCAR’s Vice President for the Environment Rafiga Huseynzadeh (pictured above) underlined that the organisation’s mission is to mobilise oil and gas companies operating in the Caspian region in the fight against environmental and economic threats associated with climate change. The main goal is to prevent activities that threaten environmental sustainability in the Caspian region. The companies will share their knowledge and experience in the field of environmental protection, conduct joint research and coordinate environmental activities. In the future, other international companies and organisations are expected to participate in the activities of CEPI.

All the interested parties stressed the importance of the initiative in the field of environmental protection, expressing confidence that CEPI will make a valuable contribution to the implementation of large-scale state programs in this direction in Azerbaijan

In order to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), SOCAR is implementing sustainable environmental measures to protect the environment, ensure efficient use of resources, reduce carbon emissions and promote the development of the region.

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