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EU Green Deal both an opportunity and a challenge for Poland

The European Green Deal is both a challenge and an opportunity for Poland, stated the Minister of Climate Michał Kurtyka (pictured above) during the opening meeting of the Green Transformation Council.

“Due to the level of ambition, the realisation of this vision is a big challenge for the EU and Poland, but at the same time the level of innovation required to achieve this objective is a big development opportunity for us,” said Mr Kurtyka.

According to the Minister, if the European Union’s climate neutrality is to be a realistic goal, there should be a fair and just distribution of commitments.

“This could be an opportunity for the EU and Poland to show that the way out of the current coronavirus crisis can be climate-friendly and just for the society,” he highlighted. “We cannot allow the transition cost to burden the poorest and the most vulnerable groups.”

The Minister of Climate also pointed out that inequalities within the EU itself, with varying circumstances in each of the Member States, should be taken into account.

“We are going to need financial support and various measures ensuring that no one is left behind,” he said.

“Climate neutrality is a path that each country has to choose for itself, taking into account the tools available at their disposal,” he continued. “In Poland, we plan to gradually diversify our energy mix and develop renewable energy at the same time.”

While the European Commission will present further details on the European Green Deal and the work schedule, Poland is determined to continue with a constructive debate on the future of EU climate policy.

“Poland will not only be an active listener, but also a partner in these discussions,” Mr Kurtyka concluded.

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